Ramkrishna Vedanta Ashram

Vivekananda Road, Vivekanandapur, South 24 Parganas,West Bengal, Kolkata 700 141, India
Secretary: +91 9007 341 111
Office:       +91 33 2488 1429/1022


Educational Services

 Ramkrishna Vedanta Ashram established a school in 1977 in the locality of Maynagarh, to impart knowledge to students mainly belonging to the backward section of the locality. In due course, the school has been upgraded to a Co-educational High School and the numbers of students are increasing at a rapid rate.

 The Ashram has set up a school hostel with the aim of accommodating needy pupils with nominal cost,
 Has established a computer training centre to teach courses of different levels to students and other aspirants,
 Organizes vocational training programs to enable the under privileged to achieve financial stability,
 Conducts workshops and seminars to provide income generation opportunities among the disadvantaged section,
 As well as The Ashram also runs non-formal educational centre and coaching centre.

Medical Services

    The Ashram humbly offers medical care service to the poor and downtrodden through Mobile Medical Unit. It is pathetic, that the remote areas mainly we work are so economically backward that the people cannot afford food and clothes and hence health care is an absolute luxury to them. Therefore, we offer them a service which is life saving, available at their doorstep and bears no cost.

Service in rural & remote areas

   The Ramkrishna Vedanta Ashram renders various services for the development in rural and backward areas which is not restricted in the locality but has also expanded its services in other remote parts of West Bengal, including various other states like Odisha, Assam, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh. The services includes :
 Awareness program in health and hygiene.
 Vocational courses on handicraft, computer, dairy, poultry, horticulture, etc.
 Primary teaching to children who unfortunately cannot attend school due to different impediments.
 Distribution of seeds and saplings to farmers and common people.

Relief & Rehabilitation activities

    Ramkrishna Vedanta Ashram conducts relief and rehabilitation operations, during natural or man-made disasters.
 The Ashram dispenses aid to the unfortunate victims during flood, cyclone, storm, distress, fire, earthquake, and in time of climatic uncertainty.
 Post disaster recovery activities include, serving food to the hungry, provide crockery, utensils, lantern and other equipments of daily need to the sufferers, distributing apparels to the victims, deliver immediate medical service, arrange sanitation in the affected area, preventive measures to combat epidemic, allocate shelter to the distressed and various other support.